The Secret Herb Garden

2 August 2016

I love gardening. I love flowers and even more so, I love edible things from the garden. This year I very much concentrated on growing edible flowers and herbs in my garden to use in baking and cooking. Little violas look great decorating my lemon polenta cake and rosemary and thyme regularly accompany my citrus based cakes.

I came across a fantastic Mary Berry recipe for Lemon drizzle cake with lemon verbena cake which I was really keen to try but I was missing one vital ingredient of the cake. Can you guess what was missing?!

I was quite sure I wasn’t going to pick up a lemon verbena in a mainstream garden centre but I knew where I could get one. Last week, I visited the Secret Herb Garden outside Edinburgh. Their nursery is dedicated to growing and selling lots of edible things from the garden including lemon verbena. I got myself a lovely plant and a great lunch in their cafe of quiche and salad where most of the ingredients came from the Secret Herb Garden itself.

I planted my lemon verbena up when I got home but I couldn’t wait to make the cake that inspire the verbena purchase! The recipe is linked below and Mary says you can omit the lemon verbena if you don’t have it (and don’t want to travel 40 miles to get one like I did), your cake will still be delicious.

Mary Berry’s Lemon Drizzle Cake with Lemon Verbena