Party in the Park… but only if it’s sunny.

22 May 2017

I met with a mum a few weeks back to discuss having her daughter’s 5th birthday party in Naseby Park in the Broomhill area of Glasgow.

I was so excited at the prospect of having a party in the park but I was nervous about the changeable weather in May. Fortunately, just next to Naseby Park is Broomhill Church Hall which would be a great venue should we be unable to be outside.


I made lots sketches  of how I was going to decorate the park  but I was still really worried about the weather. What would happen if the grass was wet? Or it started to pour halfway through the party? I considered everything and decided to book the church hall, just in case… It was good we did however as the weather that Saturday was dreadful. I was sad that the little girl didn’t get to have her party outside but I was determined to bring her outdoor park party indoors.

I brought along my gazebo with loth lots of bunting, blankets, cushions, soft toys and props. I also had an artificial grass mat which I laid on the floor and scattered artificial flowers over it and popped a deckchair by the gazebo. I was pleased with how it all looked and I was REALLY please when I saw how excited the children were when they saw it.


I should've taken pictures of the setup BEFORE the children arrived!! ;-)

Lots of parents came along to this party too so I provided plenty of tea and cake for them while the children played traditional party games. I’d been asked to provide party bags too and the little ones were excited to see the little striped paper bags full of goodies.

Every children’s party has different requirements and I love getting creative making each one super special for the birthday girl or boy.