New beginnings

5 April 2017

Quite a while ago someone said to me that I’d make a great Humanist Celebrant. We had just been to a Humanist wedding ceremony and although I thought it would be a lovely job, I didn’t think too much more about it as I still had Cushion & Cake full time.

A number of months ago a was thinking about what that person had said and set about a bit of research. I looked on the Humanist Society Scotland’s website to find out how you could become a celebrant. My timing was great as they were recruiting celebrants and the deadline was at the end of March AND they were recruiting celebrants for my area of Glasgow.

I was so excited and began working on the application and my CV. As time went on, I wanted a place on the training so much. In my head I thought, “I’m perfect for this” and it could allow me to work around my current parties business and of course my little toddler, Morris.

Delighted, excited, thrilled, these words don’t cover how I felt when I got an interview for a place on the training. The training was split into several parts and stage one was Funeral training in Edinburgh. I loved meeting the seven other trainee celebrants and learning about writing funeral ceremonies.

Once I have completed the funeral training I will be doing Welcoming & Naming Ceremonies training so I’ll write a little about that later.

I’m so excited for this new venture and look forward to telling you more about it.