Happy New Year! What are your resolutions for 2017?

3 January 2017

It is now January 2017. One full year since I closed the Cushion & Cake tearoom. I can’t believe how fast the time has passed. It will largely be due to the rapidly growing infant now in my life! One year has passed since I emptied the tearoom of the furniture, crockery, bits and bobs. I essentially moved everything into the spare rooms in my home which made several spaces in the house a no-go areas as they were filled with boxes and boxes of things. At the time, having a new baby I just wasn’t ready to sort through many of the things from the tearoom and I simply stored everything to organise later. The months rolled on and I was starting to feel quite anxious in my house. I was keen to get out and about. I felt unsettled and I was in a never ending cycle of tidying (moving things from one place to another) but never getting anywhere.

I then realised that the accumulation of stuff in my house was taking over. Obviously many of the items now in the house didn’t have a ‘home’. They were surplus and didn’t have a place to be stored. I can be a bit or a hoarder at the best of times and I knew I needed help! Around September I discovered a book about tidying and I can genuinely say it has changed my life. It is called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I got the audiobook version from Audible which allowed me to listen to it again, and  again, and again.

The book is about decluttering. As a society we all have too much stuff. We hold onto things that we neither need nor want and it is this accumulation of stuff that makes us feel suffocated. The Kondo method described in the book is quite simple and she asks you, the reader to evaluate everything that you own by asking yourself, “Does this spark joy?” Starting with clothes, it is quite easy actually to determine whether or not an item from your wardrobe sparks joy. I have whittled my enormous wardrobe of clothes down to about a quarter! And it was easy. I was excited to keep momentum going and move onto the different areas of the house.

The book helped me to deal with the stuff from the tearoom. I began to find homes for larger items and lots of surplus crockery etc that I wasn’t using for my parties and events. I am still decluttering as it can’t be done overnight but the results are massive and I feel much better for it. The rest of 2017 will be about continued decluttering and home organisation leaving me more time to focus on my work. Have you made any good resolutions or grand plans for the New Year?