Get your hygge on

4 November 2016

Autumn is here but do not fear! When many mourn the end or Summer (if you could call it that in Scotland) and dread the coming Winter, this year I found a way to get the most out of the colder months.

I love to be cosy. I love blankets. Fluffy socks. Hot tea. Fresh baking. I love all of these things, especially if the weather is grim outside and I don’t need to go out. This feeling of “cossiness” is what the Danes call “hygge” and it is apparently what makes the Danish people the happiest in the world!

I got a copy of the newly released The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking and sat on the sofa with tea and my blanket and began to read what makes a situation or a place hygge. Things like foods, spaces and the company you are in appear to be high on the hygge making list but for me, the concept of hygge helped me to reframe the way I look at things into a more positive light, specifically, the dark nights. Poor weather and dark nights can make us feel de-energised, even blue but if you can seek out the lovely things about these colder months, it makes life really quite lovely.

As I usually do, I got others involved in my hygge-ing. Hygge would creep into my conversations with most people. I got my sister a copy of the book too and soon she was full on hygge-ing. She even made me a homemade hygge hamper with new fluffy socks, flannel pyjamas, candles, bathbombs even a little can of gin & tonic.

I have noticed a difference in my attitude to the winter months this year and I’m so please to have discovered The Little Book of Hygge. I’ll keep you posted throughout the season with some hygge inspiring stuff including a recipe for cinnamon rolls!