Garden Party at the Boiler room

5 June 2017

This week we are throwing a party for a group of 4 and 5 year olds at the Boiler room at the Hidden Gardens behind the Tramway.

We wished for great weather and it came true! The Boiler room space is a great vintage industrial room with huge  sliding doors opening onto a private garden which is full of flowers and plants.


Taking the party outside was a real treat. I set up pretty blankets, cushions and brought along lots of soft toys and props for the children to play with while enjoying their outdoor picnic.


The food was simple party food with sandwiches, cake, crisps and yummy strawberries. We had time to fit in a craft too. The little ones made wee finger puppets out of felt and decorated them themselves.


I really enjoyed hosting the party at this venue and I’m delighted as I’ll be back in just a few weeks to host another child’s party.