Back at the Boiler Room

8 July 2017

The sun is shining and it is hot today! It is the perfect day for a child’s party at the Hidden Gardens. I was delighted to be able to have most of the party set up outside so I brought plenty of blankets, cushions and bunting to lay out for the children to sit on.

I brought my usual selection of soft toys an props including little gardening tools and other garden items such as a pretty insect hotel and pretend bird’s nests.

We split the party between indoors and outdoors. The children came indoors to make a little pom pom creature and then we all went outside again for traditional party games and picnic food. We served lots of strawberries, cool orange squash and simple sandwiches. Vanilla sponge cake was hoovered up by the little ones who also loved my tote bag of sweets which I gave out a prizes!