Welcome to Cushion & Cake. We are tea and craft party specialists hosting hen dos, children’s parties, birthday celebrations, baby showers and more. We provide everything you need for your party including venue, vintage china, pretty party decorations, music, afternoon tea and craft activities.

Back at the Boiler Room

8 July 2017

This week we’re back at the Boiler Room on a scorching sunny day

Hen Party in Lake of Monteith

29 June 2017

Today we hit the road to take afternoon tea and crafts to a hen party in a rented lodge.

Garden Party at the Boiler room

5 June 2017

This week, we’re enjoying the sunshine with an outdoor garden party.

Party in the Park… but only if it’s sunny.

22 May 2017

Planning goes ahead fro an outdoor party in the park but will the Scottish Summer weather hold out?

New beginnings

5 April 2017

I’ve been accepted onto a training course to become a Humanist Celebrant!

Bringing the party to you

5 March 2017

This weekend we threw a birthday tea and craft party for a great bunch of 10 year old girls.

Poppy corny – shrimpy

20 February 2017

I love watching chefs and cooks on the TV and internet. This chef is really inspirational!

Pancake Day

17 February 2017

It is pancake day on Tuesday 28th February. Get in on the action with this yummy, easy recipe.